Issue 419

This Issue: Level Up 4 Teens

From the editor...

Well, we’re back in lockdown – mostly. While we should all continue to care for each other by wearing masks, social distancing, and washing our hands, it’s hard to deny the urge to do something different. Especially with the advent of summery weather.

After having the kids home for four months already, the lack of summer programming is the central issue for many families. So, given that, we’re returning to our searches for creative ideas, activities, and endeavors. And this issue we have some great activities for teens!

As always, let’s continue to care for each other by wearing masks, social distancing, and washing our hands. The life you save is undoubtedly loved dearly by someone just like you.

Be Safe,

Taking It To The Next Level

levelUp4Teens - logo - Pasadena Library

Pasadena Public Library’s levelUP Youth Leadership Conference takes place over the last week in July. There’s a great range of information for your teens available in 30 minute to one hour blocks. Register online and watch the live stream on YouTube. The full slate of activities is here. These are a few of our recommended choices:

Youth Yoga – For teens and adults (ages 12-25). There are few healthier ways to start your day than with yoga. Get your teen to give it a shot with one – or all – of these Zoom session:

Monday, July 27 at 10 AM

Wednesday, July 29 at 10 AM

Friday, July 31 at 10 AM

Pantry Raid: Fun in the Kitchen – Teens only. This two-part workshop will focus on flavor while teaching basic cooking techniques. Teens will be challenged at the end of day one to use what they learn and present it to the group the next day. They will need access and permission to use a kitchen for these Zoom sessions. Register here.

Monday & Tuesday, July 27-28 at 1 PM both days.

How to Have a Great Relationship – Teens only. This workshop focuses on building and sustaining a healthy, romantic relationship. The workshop will focus on clear communication, consent, boundaries, and mutual respect in an environment free of violence and coercion. Register here.

Friday, July 31 at 12:30 PM on Zoom

Warriors! Come Out To Play!

Warrior Code by Erin Hunter

You might not be old enough to remember that movie, but it doesn’t matter because Altadena Public Library’s Warriors Trivia isn’t that kind of Zoom meeting. Instead, it’s based on the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. Kids ages 5-12 years old can test their knowledge of the various warrior clans on Friday, July 24, at 4 PM. Registration is required.

Create Your Own Adventure

Young writers in grades 3-5 can join the Altadena Public Library on Thursday, July 23, and July 30 at 4 PM for some weekly writing skills and drills. Kids will be given writing prompts, discuss different kinds of writing, write (no surprise), and read their work together. Registration is required.

So Many Wonderful Story Times

Pasadena Public Library hosts a variety of storytimes for different age groups and languages. Many happen on social media, so check the listing that interests you:

Social Media Storytime: Preschool on Mondays at 10:30 – 10:50 AM on Facebook Live and Thursday at 3:00 – 3:20 PM on Instagram Live

Social Media Storytime: Toddler on Tuesdays at 10:30 – 10:50 AM on Instagram Live

Chinese Mandarin Storytime on Wednesday, July 22 and 29 at 10:30 – 10:50 AM on Instagram Live

Social Media Storytime: Hora de Cuento en Español on Wednesdays at 4:00 – 4:20 PM on Facebook Live

Social Media Storytime: ASL (American Sign Language) on Friday at 4:00 – 4:20 PM on Instagram Live

So Cool And So Tasty!

We’re trying this cool summer treat in our house this weekend courtesy of The Natural Nurturer. It’s a cauliflower and blueberry smoothie with some chia seeds and nut butter. Check out the recipe online.

Sponsor... is a community resource project from our sister company, Small World. It has created two free apps to support restaurants in our area.

Be Local Strong: Monrovia – focusing on restaurants in Monrovia and Duarte

Be Local Strong: Pasadena – launching in partnership with the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, it supports restaurants in the greater Pasadena area. 

The apps list open restaurants and provide links to their websites and delivery services all on one screen. That’s right. No more searching one delivery app after another trying to find your favorite restaurant’s listing. Yay!

BeLocalStrong restaurant apps supporting businesses in Monrovia and Pasadena CA